I'm that silent kid in class who sounds super interesting on the internet.

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Latest News


Hello friends :)

I have been spending the majority of this year, and pandemic in general, on making music. Throughout my music-making journey, I have met a lot of new artists and became very active in the Internet Music scene.

A few months ago, I met waavypanda and Dan Zoro Svarc, two experimental artists from The Bahamas and The UK with whom I collaborated with.

Our first collaborative project was waavypanda's deathdream album monochrome memories. I appear on the album under my dark ambient alias 9:25 PM as well as having some of my sound design appear on the track with Dan Zoro Svarc.

This was only the beginning.

A few months later, we decided to start an ambient/IDM band called glass remnant!

And we just released our self-titled debut album!

Get ready for 43 minutes of ambiance and breaks!


Besides glass remnant, I have also been working on some of my own projects, one of them being the Snowpunk album from my Arctic ❄° alias.

The album is also available on Newgrounds!


Where it all began:

A few days ago, I was browsing on the old hard drive that I used from 2006 to 2011, and I found an old audacity file from December 2009 which was an attempt at a Sparta Remix of Za Warudo Wryyy! It's very bad, off-beat, and some of the sample files were missing, but I love it because it really foreshadowed me becoming an "Internet Musician"

I also added some Pivot animations I used to make around this time as a visualizer!

Another "song" I had made a few days prior was this chopped & screwed + nightcore Daft Punk "remix", I posted it to Twitter instead of YouTube because I didn't want to get a copyright claim on my channel lol

It's nice to see how much I have grown and learned as an artist throughout the past decade :U

How about you? Do you make music or any other form of art? Tell me about it, I want to discover more stuff from the Newgrounds community :)


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