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Hello friends! 

Today, ten years ago, I decided to make a profile on Habbo Hotel and since "Caesár the cool dude" or whatever I was gonna name my Habbo character was taken I decided to call my avatar Zerodecoole. And thus the legendary username was born.

My Habbo profile is older than the kids that use Habbo.


Unknown Trendsetter

2017-02-14 16:05:55 by Zerodecoole

Hello Newgrounds,


Hows it going? 
Do you ever discover a video, song or meme that becomes pretty relevant a few days/weeks/months later? 

Because that happens to me a lot. A while ago I discovered the soundtrack of the GameBoy Advance game of the film Robots composed by @MagicalTimeBean, you did a great job btw I really love this soundtrack!

I put the song on my channel's GBA OST playlist and also posted the song to Reddit in the vaporwave inspiration subreddit and it barely got a few upvotes lol

But I kid you not, the song has been shared on a Tumblr blog only a few weeks ago and now it's becoming pretty relavant heheheheh nice

Did you ever discover something before it became popular? 


Also I made this animation a few days ago for my Instagram profile where I post art stuff that's better than the art that I post on my Newgrounds profile hahahahah




I'm holding a bag of Fruity Pebbles

2016-12-28 08:35:12 by Zerodecoole

I did not forget the Fruity Pebbles threads that @angrybirds2000 posted back in 2015

I play in a short film :U

2016-10-30 16:26:20 by Zerodecoole

Hello my friends from Newgrounds, how is it going? 

I just wanted to share this short film with you that was made by students of the WIllem de Kooning Academie from Rotterdam.
It's a film that shows the life of a society that lives a sustainable life

One of those society members is played by me and I wear a robe that makes me look like Tarzan and Julius Caesár=
They mispelled my name in the credits unfortunately, my name is Caesár, not Ceasár lol

'THE REVERSAL' - Marrie DoggerMarrie DoggerVimeo

from on .


We had an animation project at my college where we had to make an animation based on a story or Dutch poem and my friend did an animation about feeling sad after murdering your wife. 


I play the "murderer" in the video where I feel sad because I can't start a family now, but then an animated version of myself appears and cheers me up!



Also if you're wondering why I didn't make an animation for this project it's because I switched majors and I'm gonna be attending a theatre major starting around the beginning of September.


Hey guys, it's my birthday!

2016-05-10 03:43:49 by Zerodecoole

I'm 19 years old now!

I'm in a Voice Drama

2016-02-27 10:07:39 by Zerodecoole

Hello there my Newgrounds friends :U

I am still on Newgrounds, even though I haven't shown any activity around the site I still enjoy coming on Newgrounds as much as I did 10 years ago. 
(yo I have been on Newgrounds for 10 years, there are people on the internet that aren't even 10 years old yet  O_o)

Anyways, I did the voice of a student in the Voice Drama called A Christmas Carol, you should definitely check it out!


I made a short film.

2015-06-26 19:28:01 by Zerodecoole

Hello there Newgrounds :U


For the ones that don't know it yet, I'm a college student majoring in audiovisual animation. In other words: Film & Animation. 

One of my final assignments for college was to make a video where you used a story and added your own ending. 

This was the story:

2 people sit at a bench, one person asks the other one if he could have a lighter so he could smoke and the other person asks for a cigarette and leaves. The person forgets their ID card which is still on the bench. The other person is left behind with the ID card.

The story didn't have to be exactly the same as it was written above. Me and a classmate wrote what happened next. 

Here's the video:

It's Dutch but there are English captions.



The story behind my Mood option

2015-05-18 14:36:30 by Zerodecoole

I'm pretty sure that most of you have noticed how I always use the same emote over and over again whenever I post something which probably became the most annoying thing ever to some of you but I felt like it was time to share this story with you with the some music so you won't read all of this in complete silence.

Most of those songs are probably not your type of music, that's okay because you can always stop the song and play your own music instead, most of these songs aren't even songs that I listen to but just references to random moments of my life because I'm that kind of person.


Now here is the story that I posted in this thread after someone asked it to me.

That smug look on your face. What does it all mean?

At the beginning we all took A Dive to the Deepness, we were exploring our meaning of life, our way of contributing to the existence and our reason of contribution. 
We are all individuals who needed and wanted our own way of expression. And of course we wouldn't be perfect, we all made some mistakes, crashing your dad's space car even though he warned you, lock picking before gym class or we discovered the bonus stage that we didn't expect. 
At the end you would still get the job and celebrate like you were the life of a party

But let's fast forward to the part where I started using the the Response Mood that I still use. 

April 9th, 2014.
It was just a simple topic asking what genre you preferred. 
There were two options: Trance or Dubstep, I chose dubstep over trance even though I don't listen to both of them.
But it was the Response Mood that made the post interesting; I just chose this because I felt like it was the face that would fit the way I felt when I wrote this post. But it was more than that, more that I did not know yet. 

Around that time I would still use various Response Moods and sometimes even post without one but without knowing it, I would slowly use the ;¦ )∙ face without knowing it. It was trying to connect with me and I was only half aware of it. 

July 15th, 2014

A user had a bad day and was wondering how to make the bad day a better day, even though my post was one of those typical posts that was another uninteresting story about my life and how something related to the subject of the topic happened to me  there was something special happening. 
It felt like an aquatic ambiance, something heavens was happening to me and the only question that I could ask myself was "Where is my mind?
And after that post, it became a habit to post the same Response Mood over and over again. 

I know that this story sounds like a Cheese Vaporwave, but it's true and I hope that my musical way of storytelling was really interesting and gave a clear explanation about the story behind my Response Mood.

Well okay then, I still have some homework to do





2014-06-22 19:00:51 by Zerodecoole

Welcome to my profile, I actually don't have anything to say but my old blog was written when I was 12, almost 13 LoL. 


Here's a video of my bird who starts dancing when you come closer, enjoy.